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Provisional Programme

The provisional programme contains only the Congress sessions (Plenary Sessions,Round Tables, Thematic Sessions of Free Communications and Posters), including their dates and times, rooms and venues. It does not yet include the Congress events (e.g., exhibitions, concerts, external sessions), which will be advertised later.
This programme is still in a provisional form, since the final deadline for registration is the 1st of July, and several participants have not yet registered. It is a searchable PDF.
The names of speakers who have not yet registered are marked by two asterisks (**). The names of speakers who have registered but have not uploaded their abstracts by the deadline (30th of April) are marked by one asterisk (*). This information has been updated to the 20th of May.
IMPORTANT (only for free communications): If most of the names listed for your session are marked by two asterisks, this means that those people have not registered yet; therefore, it is possible that your paper will be re-scheduled and included in another session, i.e. on a different day and/or at a different time.
It is NOT possible to ask for changes to the programme for any reason EXCEPT the following:

1. you have sent your proposal(s) by the pre-registration deadlines (15th of April 2021 and 15th of May 2021) and you have already registered to the Congress, but you cannot find your proposal(s) in the programme;

2. your paper occurs more than once;

3. there are mistakes in the spelling of your name or in the title of your paper(s)/panel(s);

4. the number and/or names of the speakers and/or paper titles for your panel need to be slightly changed and updated;

5. you sent a request before the 30th of April 2022 for your paper/panel to be scheduled at a specific time, but the current programme does not reflect this preference;

6. your name appears in relation to simultaneous panels, i.e. ones scheduled to take place on the same day, at the same time.

For all the above-listed cases, you are kindly asked to send an email to Such requests will be accepted until the 1st of
July: after that date, no change will be possible. Furthermore, after the 1st of July the names of speakers who have not yet registered will permanently be removed from the programme.
The final programme is expected to be published around the 15th of July.

Find the provisional programme clicking here

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