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Getting to Padua from Venice


Padua (Padova) is approx. 30 minutes away from Venice by train. Daily there are several trains running up to 11 pm. The trains by Trenitalia are the “regionali” (30 min.) and “regionali veloci” (50 min, stop at all stations) and the ticket price is €4.45 per person per way. Faster trains by Trenitalia and Italo take 25 min. and ticket prices start at €15.90 per person per way.

The train companies are:

Where can you purchase train tickets?

  • at the train station;
  • online, directly from the Trenitalia and Italo websites.

Padua (Padova) is approx. 45 minutes away from Venice by bus. Daily there are usually two buses running every hour up to 9 pm.

The bus public companies are:

There are many options for a car taxi service from Venice to Padua.

For more details on the fare that will be applied, ask the taxi staff before getting on board.

Click on the following links for some taxi companies’ contact details: