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TS30 – Logic in Byzantium

TS30 – Logic in Byzantium

Conveners: Oksana Goncharko, Smilen Markov


Oksana Goncharko, Dmitry Chernoglazov, Theodoros Prodromos Contribution to the Question on the Great and the Small

Smilen Markov, Logic and Eschatology in Byzantine Apocalypse Commentaries

Dionysios Skliris, The Combination of Realism and Nominalism in the Thought of Saint Maximus the Confessor (c. 580–662)

Ivan Christov, Mathematics and Metaphysics in John Pediasimos’ Scholia on the Analytics

Byron MacDougall, The Figures of the Syllogism in Byzantine Rhetorical Theory and Analysis

Denis Walter, Logic and Ontology in Michael Psellos’ Philosophy

August 25 @ 15:00
3:00 pm — 5:00 pm (2h)

A.12 – Beato Pellegrino – PD

25 August -Thursday

Online participation

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